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Numbers 6:22-27  — Aaronic Benediction

Numbers 6:22-27 — Aaronic Benediction

BIG IDEA: THE BLESSED PRESENCE OF GOD’S PROTECTION, FAVOR AND PEACE MEET ALL OF THE NEEDS OF THE BELIEVING COMMUNITYINTRODUCTION:Here is the classic OT benediction passage. I can remember as a child my pastor frequently closing sermons with this text. It has such a...
Numbers 21:1-20  — Celebrating Salvation

Numbers 21:1-20 — Celebrating Salvation

BIG IDEA: DESPITE ONGOING GRUMBLING AND COMPLAINING, THE LORD’S PEOPLE EXPERIENCE HIS GRACIOUS SALVATIONINTRODUCTION:Our spiritual journey involves a myriad of different experiences. Sometimes the Lord graciously provides victory where previously we had suffered...
Numbers 17:1-13 — The Sign of Aaron’s Budding Rod

Numbers 17:1-13 — The Sign of Aaron’s Budding Rod

BIG IDEA: GOD VALIDATES HIS APPOINTED SPIRITUAL LEADER TO SHUT THE MOUTHS OF DISPUTERSINTRODUCTION:The issue continues to be the validity of the uniqueness of the high priestly role of Aaron. The Israelites, despite previous revelation from God that should have been...