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John Schleh Booklets

John is a friend of mine — having graduated from both Princeton University and Grace Seminary 10 years before I did. He served as an assistant pastor for 2 years and then served as an urban missionary to youth in inner city Philadelphia for 42 years. In 2018 he formed Mentoring Ministry training young men in home renovation skills and Bible study while helping needy families with home repairs. He is presently the director of Mentoring Ministry and is also semi-retired. He has written two excellent booklets to encourage all people to give the Bible a fair reading and let God speak to them in His unique self-authenticating fashion. I highly commend these two basic booklets which you can download for free from here in pdf format.


This is an excellent 15 page summary of the format, composition and overall message of the Bible. It provides a good orientation so that someone can better navigate thru God’s Word.


This is a 23 page defense of the Bible against the most common types of present day attacks. It should remove obstacles so that people can give the Bible a fair reading.