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Commands of Christ

This was an adult education course taught by Paul Apple with assistance from Douglas Smith. It was a topical treatment of the various commands of Christ from the Gospel accounts – including some well-known texts on a wide range of subjects. The arrangement followed the book by Dr. John Piper What Jesus Demands From the World. The emphasis is on obedience and discipleship. Each week there will be an exposition of the major text for that command, some associated teaching from Jesus from other passages, some related systematic theology (using Wayne Grudem’s text) and an emphasis on practical application. The homework will be reading the brief 3-5 page summary by Dr. Piper of that week’s command and memorizing one key verse. This course should be helpful to younger believers as well as those who would like preparation in a course of study to disciple others (either one-on-one or in leading their own family devotions). Each lesson stands on its own, so you do not need to study them in any particular order. We will be studying them in the order covered by Dr. Piper. Both the primary text and a study guide are available online from Dr. Piper’s website.


– Using Piper’s book as a text: What Jesus Demands from the World

– The Great Commission – significance of obeying all the commands

– Various approaches to Discipleship

– cf. Navigators model

– Importance of the role of the local church


– Memory Verse

– Exposition of the primary text

– Observations from Piper’s chapter

– Systematic Theology notes (primarily using Wayne Grudem)

– Supporting passages to study

– Obstacles to obeying the command

– Practical homework assignments


– Helpful to grow in your own Christian life

– Material you can use to disciple others

– Material you can use for family devotions