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[Originally posted Dec 4, 2006]

I am a huge fan of Matt Stover’s (appreciate his testimony for the Lord as well) — but in this game you are only one play away from potential disaster. So I thought it prudent to take the opportunity on Saturday to audition for the role of Ravens replacement field goal kicker. Since Parcells had just gone after another ancient kicker, I figured the time was right. I only had one opportunity to strut my stuff (that’s probably all my hamstrings could take anyway), but when the holder (Isn’t the tie a nice touch!) placed the ball on the 15 yard line for the 25 yard try I was prepared for action. You can see from the form above that my technique was able to overcome my poor equipment outfit (wrong shoes, wrong clothes …). The ball split the uprights and I am awaiting my telephone call.

Here are some more photos to document the momentous occasion:

Here I am being congratulated by one of the executives:

Congratulations were in order after such a significant accomplishment.

Always good to give the game ball to the wife.

After my playing days are over, I can always keep on blogging from my seat on press row.

Nice to have my own locker at the Ravens stadium