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Life used to be so simple generations ago. What type of ice cream would you like? Simply choose between vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Now we have the Baskin Robbins trend of 31 flavors . . . with new ones being introduced all the time. Their corporate site proudly proclaims: Baskin-Robbins has developed over 1,000 flavors of ice cream, sherbet, sorbets and ices.

I happen to like a creative selection in this category of treats … but the point is that the door has been opened for unlimited choices in so many realms. Who is protecting the interests of the decision-challenged among us who agonize over such freedoms?

Your soda choice in the cola category was primarily between Coke and Pepsi. Now look at all the different varieties just of Coke.

At least the indecisive among us used to be able to set aside their conflictions at bed time and get a restful night of sleep. No longer – now they must agonize over what sleep setting will give them the ideal level of comfort and support. You can’t just have a one-mattress-fits-all mentality in this age of specialization. Fortunately some technical assistance has been provided with some interesting charts and graphs for one to study as they wrestle with arriving at their ideal sleep number.

Life has enough complexity regarding the major decisions we all face: what educational choices, what career path to pursue, what life partner to marry… now we have multiplied that complexity in every conceivable area. How would you like your iced tea… sweetened… unsweetened… raspberry flavored… Arizona style… the list goes on. You sense a craving for a bagel… head over to Panara’s and start comparing the options. What color car would you like? What color would you like to paint that bedroom? It is amazing that we all aren’t seeing the ulcer specialist. Freedom and choices are great… God certainly created a large assortment of flowers… but complexity must come at some price to our psyche.