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Quoting from Andy Nesbitt’s column in the USAToday after the game:

Tom Brady had a rough night in Chicago.

He absolutely lost it on his offensive linemen after a dreadful drive that had about a million bad penalties.

He got sacked by Khalil Mack, who then tossed one of Brady’s lineman to the ground in celebration.

And then he capped off the 20-19 loss by losing track of downs on the Bucs’ final drive, thinking he still had fourth down coming up when in fact he had just thrown a long incompletion on the actual fourth down, which gave the Bears the win.


It was a stunning mistake by the GOAT, which led to lots of jokes on Twitter. But hey, he’s 43 years old so he’s going to forget things from time to time. It happens. Even to amazing quarterbacks who have won six Super Bowls, I guess.

Oh, and he suffered another loss to Nick Foles, who beat him in a much bigger game a few years ago.

Top 10 Reasons Tom Brady is pictured holding up 4 fingers

at the end of Tampa Bay’s loss to Chicago on Thursday night:

10) Number of seats at his favorite restaurant that Tom Brady wants to reserve for his postgame dinner.

9) Number of quarters in one dollar as Tom Brady adds up his fortune.

8) Number of Tampa Bay receivers that Tom Brady actually knows by name.

7) Number of bad penalties against his offensive linemen that caused Tom Brady to blow a gasket in screaming at them on the sideline.

6) Number of Super Bowls he actually deserved to win.

5) Failed attempt to demonstrate his white wokeness by raising the BLM fist salute.

4) Urgent need to be excused from the field of play to use the bathroom facilities.

3) Number of lies he told in the Deflategate cheating scandal.

2) Number of reasons that led to his decision to depart the New England Patriots for Tampa Bay.

1) “Mr. Referee, According to my math, don’t we still have fourth down?”

The last image we had of Tom Brady last night was of him sitting on the bench repeatedly slamming his helmet on the ground in disgust. Then the angry loser ran off the field to the locker room as soon as the final whistle sounded without giving Nick Foles the courtesy of a handshake. Nick was seen wandering around near midfiled looking for the MIA Brady.