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Most people have developed some form of innate resistance to insurance sales. Otherwise you would truly become “insurance poor” because there is no silencing the unending variety of insurance pitches that bombard us. Certainly, not many people grow up with the goal of becoming an insurance sales person. It usually is more of a fallback position after some other more idealistic career path did not pan out. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with insurance sales. It is a necessary product that serves an important function in every household. We need people dedicated to this industry to provide us with the options and coverage that will suit our needs. But still there is an underlying resentment of Insurance based on the following Ten Reasons:

10) It is an intangible product that you really hope you never have to use.

9) Because there is no tort reform and lawsuits run rampant with outrageous settlements, insurance premiums have skyrocketed. Look at the medical malpractice insurance field. It is ridiculous.

8) We end up having to insure people who are not responsible enough to provide their own insurance.

7) Insurance sales people can seemingly justify any amount of coverage = whatever you can afford — it all sounds so essential = so irritating.

6) The administrative bureaucracy can make filing a claim a difficult path to navigate. Sometimes it seems they are intentionally complicating the process to delay the payment of legitimate claims.

5) The insurance contracts have become increasingly complicated. It takes a lawyer to read all of the fine print. Events that you might expect to be part of a basic coverage might require some type of special rider. Everybody hates to hear the response: “That’s not covered.”

4) To some degree, insurance seems like a misplaced form of security where you are replacing dependence upon God for financial security. Who really controls your future? Where does your confidence truly lie? This is not to say that Christians don’t need insurance products. We do. But we must be careful not to let the insurance coverage deflect our true source of security in life.

3) The variety of types of insurance has expanded to touch every area of life. We can understand the need for Home, Auto, Health, and even Life insurance. But those basic forms have now been eclipsed by more exotic and specialized types of coverage.

2) The deductible is burdensome and keeps escalating so that the insurance coverage ends up only covering cataclysmic events.

1) When you need to make a claim, despite years of having faithfully paid your premiums with a clean record, the company penalizes you for using the coverage and jacks up their rates.