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No matter the quality of the hotel, one thing you can count on is poor lighting in your room for the night. I guess hotels figure that everybody must stagger back to their rooms in some type of drunken stupor where any type of normal lighting would be too stark and abrasive. It is annoying enough that you have to spend time figuring out where all the switches are and what they control. But after you successfully hit the “On” switch you would like to be rewarded with some form of appropriate lighting.

So I offer my Top Ten Reasons Hotels Provide Such Poor Lighting:

10) They are trying to save money on their utility bill [Maybe that really is the only reason]

9) They did not realize that there were any Americans left who could still read

8) Their interior color scheme looks better muted

7) They don’t want you to see the stains on the carpet or linens [OK, that was gross]

6) They want to challenge guests with using their creativity to rearrange the furniture and lamps to come up with a reading position that works

5) They don’t want you to be able to read the fine print detailing all of the extra charges and taxes on your bill.

4) Prevents glare on the TV which they figure you will have on all evening

3) If you are only in the room to sleep, what’s the difference?

2) Hotel rooms are notorious for a lot of shady activities [Let’s not go there]

1) They thought the acronym byob meant “bring your own bulb” [Which, by the way, I have heard that many people do!]