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This is a universal phenomena that I am sure will resonate with everybody. When you get to the end of your toothpaste tube and you think there could not possibly be one more usage remaining, you give it that ultimate roll-up and squeeze and out pops just enough for one more application. How can that be? You have been trying to empty that tube for the last 2 weeks. Your pristine unopened new tube is positioned in the cabinet ready to be deployed into useful service. But your old dilapidated tube continues to surprise you with its unending contribution.

There are various techniques that one employs to try to produce that ultimate squeeze. All techniques require the application of supreme pressure in one form or another. When you are just dealing with what remains in the tip of the opening, it can be tricky to get the right leverage with your thumb and finger. But as long as you start at the base of the tube and apply the pressure gradually up towards the opening, it seems that there is always one more squeeze in the generous tube.

I would think that from a marketing standpoint of cycling through new products the manufacturer would have come up with some devious mechanism to prevent the consumer from getting his money’s worth out of each tube.