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[Originally posted 4/22/2005]

This classic best seller from 25 years ago has been published in a video tape series which our church is presently using for small group studies.

The basic outline and concept are easy to follow:

He structures biblical commentary, thought provoking questions, and application type assignments around the 20 attributes of a godly man that are spelled out in the Pastoral Epistles as qualifications for church leadership. He presents these as the goal for every man in the church within an accountability structure of men mentoring men.

“This is what a Godly man looks like. This what a Godly church leader, husband, businessman, pastor, or teenager should strive to become.“

The video series contains 10 lessons designed for group study and interaction. Some of the topics include:

  • A Man of Moral Purity

  • A Man Above Reproach

  • Overcoming Anger

  • A Generous Man

As we all seek maturity as husbands and fathers, this is a practical guide that forces us to examine some areas of our walk with the Lord that we otherwise might let slip.