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[Originally posted April 16, 2005]

Since confession is good for the soul, I guess it is time for me to own up to one of my more embarrassing injuries. (No, not the tick extraction . . . I don’t think I’ll ever share that story.) I’m talking about my overzealous clicking and the resulting inflamed knot on my elbow.

This was probably eight years ago, so the color in my face has died down some … but I actually did have to drag myself into the doctor and get some relief from clickers’ elbow. (Not a very macho ailment for someone who works in the highly testosterone-charged construction environment of a Caterpillar dealer.)

The sad thing is that I suffered for a good cause. I was compiling a bunch of internet chat threads on various practical topics relating to the plurality of elders form of church government. I had to cut and paste all kinds of data to come up with a cohesive dialogue that could be used for research purposes. I would spend hours up in my study, clicking away.

There are a wide range of repetitive stress injuries – you can probably re-injure yourself surfing all over the web to read up on the symptoms and suggested remedies.