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Since Karen and I are enjoying vacation up in Maine, I feel entitled to indulge my passion for cinnamon pastries.  Here is my best analysis based on some recent samplings.  There are really 2 separate categories:

1) Sticky Buns — Karen makes the best from a simple Better Homes and Gardens recipe.  I say simple — but it actually is very labor intensive.  My preference is not to load them up with raisins or nuts, but enjoy them in their purest form.  The Pennsylvania Dutch markets (such as found in Cockeysville, MD) make a very passable imitation.  However, Baugher’s Market in Westminster (one of my favorite restaurant and fruit picking locations) comes in only third in this category.

2) Cinnamon Buns — Probably the Cinnabon Chain is the most famous supplier of these treats.  I find them a little too goopy with too much icing.  I prefer something a little more understated with the cinnamon evenly distributed.  Here in Maine we have already found 2 locations that hit the spot.  Isabella’s Sticky Buns Cafe in Freeport and Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro.  I think I am going to need to up my exercise regimen!