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[Originally posted 6/18/2008]


What former Lower Merion High School championship athlete recently lost a huge basketball tournament game?

HInt: He grew up outside of Philadelphia and did not even play basketball in college.

Drum roll please…

Surprise! The answer is NOT Kobe Bryant!

Actually yours truly is the distinguished Lower Merion alum — now my championships were in Chess — maybe not a premier sport in the opinion of many. As well I served as the Sports Editor of the High School paper for a couple of years. I did not use my college eligibility (OK, there were no takers) but have maintained my basketball prowess. Just a couple of weekends ago my 3 V 3 church team lost a critical tournament game in the Saturday ad hoc tournament hosted by Hope Bible Church — despite me bringing a buddy from work and another ringer to try to steal the trophy.

Things are not always what they appear to be on the surface! Thought I would throw you a curveball after Kobe got knocked out of the NBA Finals last night by the Celtics.