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The Ravens are certainly providing the best value for the entertainment dollar this season. In another miracle finish, Lamar overcomes a fourth and 19 hole to set up Justin Tucker for a game-winning record 66 yard field goal as time expires. Not only that, but the kick bounces high in the air on the middle of the crossbar and tumbles through to break the hearts of the Lions fans and first year head coach who thought he had his first NFL victory. This is what happens to bad teams. And this is the type of divine destiny that propels the Ravens into a 2-1 record when it looked for sure that they were going down in defeat on the road. Coach Harbs gave all the glory to God — explaining that the way the deck was stacked against the Ravens with all of the adversity and players not able to participate (due to injuries and COVID restrictions), the win could only be explained by a supernatural push to propel that football the last couple of needed inches to clear the crossbar.

Here are my observations from the game:

  • This game should have been over in the first half. The Ravens had receivers running open all over the field. Lamar threw 3 very accurate deep balls that Hollywood Brown uncharacteristically let sail through his hands. Baltimore should have at least added another TD right before the half. Hopefully Hollywood can erase this game from his mind.

  • The Ravens defensive front line was decimated with the key players not available. That did not allow for any normal rotation and the players were gassed by the fourth quarter and unable to mount any pass rush. Thankfully Calais gave full effort all game long.

  • Our linebackers were abused in the second half in both running and passing situations. Tackling was a problem as it has been all season. Patrick Queen shows speed but no aggressive violence at the point of impact. Sometimes he gets caught on the wrong side of the wash as the hole opens up and can only trail the play.

  • Too often tacklers end up just jumping on the back of the runner and being dragged for additional yards. When are we going to meet someone in the hole and drive them backwards?

  • Where was Oweh today? Bowser seems like one of those defenders that “almost” makes a play. He dropped an easy interception in the first half.

  • It was fortunate we got Jimmy Smith back for this game.

  • Mark Andrews was once again Mr. Dependable with some big yards on deep crossing routes.

  • Lamar was accurate all day and did a much better job of using his full menu of receivers. Watkins came up with the crucial catch on that play to set up the winning field goal. Fortunately the Lions had called a timeout which allowed the Ravens to regroup and select the winning play.

  • The Ravens also caught a huge break when a muffed punt was negated by a Lions penalty.

  • The Lions gifted the Ravens with two illegal procedure calls on crucial short yardage fourth down opportunities that forced them into punting situations.

At the end of the day this was a winnable game that the Ravens let slip away and then were fortunate to rescue off the arm of Jackson and the foot of Tucker. Improvement is needed in many phases of the game. Hopefully we will start to get some players back instead of dealing with a short deck.