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Dan-Dee Hotel and Restaurant on Route 40 just west of Frederick MD

It started with the closing of Dan-Dee restaurant. My family lived for a time in Frederick MD and I came to love the country style meals with the relish dish and the fritters. But it catered to an older clientele and eventually was shut down.

Haussner’s Restaurant in Highlandtown

Haussner’s in downtown Baltimore was more of a work-place destination. Karen and I did not make the trip there very often. But it had distinctive ambiance with its walls covered with beautiful art. The menu was also distinctive with its German main dishes and its wide variety of vegetable side dishes.

Candle Light Inn in Catonsville MD

The conversion of the Candle Light Inn to a local funeral home hit me the hardest because Karen and I frequented it often. We liked to take advantage of the Early Bird Specials. The small rooms gave it a quaint old-time inn atmosphere and the food was both good and reasonable. But once again the older clientele had to transition over to the funeral function.

Crumbs Galore Bakery in Rosedale MD

Of course eateries can be expanded to include those bakeries that satisfy the sweet tooth. My favorite was always Crumbs Galore in Rosedale. You could get some cherry danish, some cinnamon rolls, some crumb cake, etc. It doesn’t seem to be open any more. It was a favorite stop on the way to work at times. The old Catonsville Bakery was not as popular with me … but it closed down after a fire and was converted to a different eatery. Those small local bakeries are becoming harder to find.

There are many other smaller establishments that have been forced out of business during the recent pandemic. It is always sad to lose a favorite dining spot. You can never really replace it.