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One practice I have found disconcerting on the highway is that of motorcycle riders using the narrow space between two lanes of slowly moving traffic to roar on by. Besides the danger element for the biker, I guess it bothers my sense of fair play that these two-wheelers who are always squawking about wanting to be granted equal rights on the road with automobiles can take advantage of slow downs in traffic to operate under a different set of laws.

I have been informed that such a practice is legal as long as the cars are not moving at more than 25 miles per hour. That’s asking a lot of the bikers to regulate their practice by precise speed limit parameters. I have witnessed them stretching the boundaries here on numerous occasions.

Maybe I just don’t like being startled when they come up alongside me. It would be far too easy for some impatient hot-head driver to loose his head and give one of these bikers a nudge as he goes by. I say if you want to be treated with the courtesy shown to automobiles then you should have to obey the laws that apply to automobiles.