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Sometimes when you give a person a uniform and a citation pad they take themselves and their official position a little too seriously. I find that to be consistently the case with the parking police at major airports (like BWI) who take great pleasure in forcing cars to move along and recycle the hazardous terminal beltway. You are sitting curbside straining your neck to look for that arriving passenger when the cadet points menacingly at you and barks out his limited vocabulary: “Move Along!”

I am not advocating cluttering up the limited curbside spots with cars idling for 30 minutes or more. But it bugs me when I know my party is five minutes away and yet I have to cycle back around and fight through all of the staged traffic once again. There is no pleading your situation with these officers. They have apparently been charged with a mission to keep things flowing. There’s probably no good solution that would prevent abuse — it just bugs me!