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Governor-elect Martin O’Malley tried to impress the Ravens players with this 15 yard field goal at the Owings Mills complex. But there can be no doubt that his feeble effort could not compete with the earlier 25-yard gem from the webmaster.

I am flattered by the attempt to emulate my feat (feet?) … but here are just several ways the webmaster excelled:

– Obviously the extra 10 yards is huge — especially since I did not even pull my fragile hamstring ..

– The site was superior — the actual M & T Stadium (where games are played for real) rather than the practice facility

– My holder was the professionally attired Alban IT specialist – Bryan Prietz rather than the often-booed Kyle Boller

– My follow-thru extended above the waist for vastly superior form than that demonstrated by Mr. O’Malley

Based on my glowing success I would be happy to expand the competition to punting and passing as well to demonstrate that my skills are not limited to one specialty.

O’Malley shown on the left Paul Apple shown on the right