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You can download my complete spreadsheet based on the Big Board composite rankings (updated 4/23/24) that allows you to play around with creating your own mock draft.

My selections for the Ravens are in the left column titled PGA.  Some rankings from other major boards are included as well.

Here is a summary of my mock draft for the Baltimore Ravens:  (once the Big Board ratings were adjusted, now some of my picks look to be out of range)

ROUND              PICK     PROSPECT                       RANK   POSITION          COLLEGE

1                             30           Tyler Guyton                     30           OT                        Oklahoma

2                             62           Xavier Lagette                  44           WR                      South Carolina  (only possible if we trade back from 30)

Cooper Beebe                  56             OG                      Kansas State  (more realistic selection at pick 62)

3                             93           Austin Booker                   73           EDGE                    Kansas (only possible if we trade back from 30)

Mohamed Kamara         102            EDGE                  Colorado State (more realistic selection at pick 93)

4                             113        Jarvis Brownlee Jr.          121        CB                          Louisville

4                             130        Isaac Guerendo              144        RB                          Louisville

5                             165        Beau Brade                     172        S                             Maryland

6                             218       Trevor Keegan                  208        OG                         Michigan

7                             228        Marcus Harris                  214        DL5T                     Auburn

7                             250        Joshua Cephus                262        WR                         UTSA