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Continuing in my theme on Ecclesiastes, a book I would recommend for a variety of audiences would be Chuck Swindoll’s Living on the Ragged EdgeFinding Joy in a World Gone Mad. The author writes in a popular style but bases each chapter on the text of the Book of Ecclesiastes. He quotes the text at the beginning and then offers his perspective and comments as he works through the book.

This can be an excellent pre-evangelism tool – a book that you can give to your friends to open them up to a presentation of the gospel. For if they are honest with their world view, apart from a relationship with Christ and God’s perspective of eternity their course of life under the sun is nothing but vanity.

Christians are encouraged as well to re-orient their value system and their priorities to make sure they are living the type of balanced life that keeps obeying and serving God at the center. All of us are caught up in that treadmill of today’s culture, and Swindoll gives us pause to reflect on where we find our true joy and significance.