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[Originally posted Jan. 30, 2020]

I love my Maryland Terps, but Eric Ayala at point guard makes me nervous with his ball handling skills. He has a bad habit of carrying the ball constantly when he is dribbling up court even when he is not under any defensive pressure. Fortunately he is not doing it to try to gain an advantage and the refs just look the other way. When he uses that technique as he is changing direction it is even more problematic. The way he keeps cupping the ball with his hand underneath it and then rolls it back out to continue dribbling is very disturbing. Sometimes the pause is quite lengthy before the dribble continues. I am surprised at this level of basketball the coaching staff has not addressed this deficiency. [I realize that the college refs usually look the other way on carrying calls unless it really gains an advantage … but it still doesn’t give me a good feeling.;]