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Our society has become over reliant on insurance products. It seems that we now require insurance for any possible negative situation — no matter how minor or trivial. Now Dominos has put out a TV commercial touting its carryout pizza insurance. When a tree crashes down on his car on the driveway, a man immediately panics, worried about his Domino’s pizza in the backseat. Luckily, he opens the box to find his pizza unscathed. However, after walking away from the incident, he slips on the icy sidewalk and his pizza flies into the air, landing in the snow. Fortunately, Domino’s says its Carryout Insurance promises a replacement if a customer’s pizza is ruined after they leave the store.

Doesn’t this just strike you as ridiculous? It’s like providing insurance for the ice cream cone your 3 year old could drop on the ground. What is the point?