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[Paul Apple and will take a small “vacation” today and let Paul’s youngest daughter take the reins… ]

There are so many types of commercials. There’s your boring run-of-the-mill commercials, your snazzy amusing commercials, and your “What in the world was the point of that?” commercials.

Frequently, while watching TV, my dad and I will comment on how lame the commercials these days are. Half the time you are not even able to figure out what product was being advertised.

I am constantly wondering why in the world businesses spend millions of dollars on these pointless and ineffective advertisements. With the Super Bowl on the horizon, which is the showcase for the most expensive commercials, I have come up with a proposal to protect the huge investment of these companies. I am willing to serve (with my dad) as the screening committee (for a fee of course) to critique their creative messages. Because I will be saving these companies millions of dollars, I figure that I shall only take a small percent of their savings (maybe $100,000 dollars for each commercial). Of course, this is a one-time fee. The companies will be able to broadcast the commercial as many times as they’d like, so it is really quite a bargain – especially if they are developing an entire series of commercials around a common theme and look.

I realize that ad agencies already employ their sophisticated Focus Groups and survey services, but these methods are obviously not doing the trick. From the amount of pitiful commercials that leak through to the viewing audience I think that my services (based on my impeccable judgment) should be in demand.

This blog written by Julie Apple Nov. 2, 2005