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Approach:  This will not be a critique of the decisons made by the Ravens.  Instead, it will be a rose-colored after-the-fact look of how I wish the Ravens had drafted, given how the board ended up falling.  So this is not a fair analysis, but it is a fun exercise of wishful thinking.


Hard to argue with the value of this pick, especially with the need we have at cornerback for the future.  Significant that Dallas must have thought the Ravens were targeting Tyler Guyton, so they jumped ahead of us to select that tackle.  I was in love with Xavier Legette who was selected by Carolina at #32, but Wiggins seems like the better value here.


I like the upside potential of Kingsley Suamataia much better than the college productiveness of Roger Rosengarten.  This was the biggest blunder of the draft.  I feel vindicated since the Chiefs jumped up to select Kingsley in the very next pick.  But at least we recognized the need to fill the tackle void.


Unfortunately, the offensive linemen that we would have targeted in this range were selected in the previous 20 picks (a whole bunch of possible options).  Maybe we should have tried to jump up to get one of these.  Adisa seems like a duplication of what we have struggled with in terms of trying to get production out of Oweh.  Maybe we should have taken a flier on Payton Wilson like the Steelers did at #98, despite his medical issues.


I like this selection.  He should be a good offensive weapon.

PICK #130 – T.J. TAMPA

San Francisco jumped right ahead of the Ravens to select the running back I wanted = Isaac Guerendo.  So I was already depressed when the Ravens were on the clock.  However, you have to like the value at this position for a cornerback who just had a poor 40 yard dash time to drop him so low.  I don’t mind doubling up on cornerbacks.


I don’t know much about this running back.  If he has the speed to get to the outside and can hold the fort until Keaton gets healthy, I suppose it is worth it.  Not sure how he compares to the other backs available.


This pick I just don’t understand.  Our QB coach must have been super high on him.  Yet he is not even slotted to be the back up to Lamar this season.  He is a developmental backup.  Seems like a waste of a pick.  You can certainly get an undrafted free agent as a QB that should be just as serviceable.   We could have jumped up a couple of slots and picked Beaux Limmer who is much higher rated than Nick Samac.  Or there were a couple of guards picked just after our selection.


At this point in the draft, there is not much difference from targeting someone as an undrafted free agent.  I liked the safety Daijahn Anthony who was selected at 224.


I liked Beau Brade better – but we wind up getting him as an undrafted free agent, so no harm, no foul.  Doesn’t sound like he has very good coverage skills.  These later picks don’t seem very valuable.  Maybe we could have packaged something up to move a few slots higher earlier in the draft.