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Abigail hastens to intercept David and his band of warriors who are on their way to avenge the shameful conduct of her foolish husband Nabal who had rejected the overtures of David’s ten messengers. They deserved to be well received by Nabal but instead were rudely rejected and dismissed. Despite all of the assistance that David had provided for Nabal’s household and possessions, when David was in need Nabal was unwilling to help. Abigail intercedes on behalf of her husband and presents David with compelling arguments to stand down and leave vengeance in the hands of the Lord who also will faithfully bless His servant David.


I. By Staying on Track — having a heart of compassion and mercy and forgiveness so that you don’t get involved in personal battles that will distract you from your kingdom mission.

“Please forgive the transgression of your maidservant;”

II. By the Security of having confidence in the legacy the Lord will provide as He causes you to persevere and be victorious

“for the Lord will certainly make for my lord an enduring house,”

III. By Selectively fighting only those battles that can rightly be characterized as the battles of the Lord

“because my lord is fighting the battles of the Lord,”

A. That is why we must be clothed in our Christian armor – serious and dangerous activity — Are we engaged in the battle?

B. That is why we must follow the lead of our Commander In Chief – we are not left leaderless

C. That is why we must utilize the offensive weapons we have available

1. Prayer

2. The sword of the Spirit

D. That is why we must exercise discernment regarding the appropriate spheres of engagement –

What are the battles of the Lord?

1. Against the Devil

2. Against our own sinful flesh – fighting sin and temptation

3. Against the world

IV. By Sanctification — maintaining a Life of Holiness

“and evil will not be found in you all of your days”

It is the grace of God that accomplishes our sanctification and protects us from sin and causes us to grow into the image of His Son


Easy to get distracted and lose focus.