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Prov. 18:24 “a friend who sticks closer than a brother”

I. True Friendship Involves a Mutual Commitment Often Inspired by Affinities

A. In the natural realm — both young, strong, brave warriors, loved the outdoors, natural leaders

B. In the spiritual realm — zeal for the Lord

Blaikie: “At the foundation of all friendship lies congeniality of heart – a kindred feeling of which one often becomes conscious by instinct at first sight. But there must also be elements of difference in friends. It s a great point to have a friend who is above us in some things, and who will thus be likely to draw us up to a higher level of character, instead of dragging us down to a lower. And a friend is very useful, if he is rich in qualities where we are poor.”

II. True Friendship Is Based on God-Given Love (fruit of the Holy Spirit)

III. Can Be Trusted During Times of Danger and Confusion (20:1-3)

“Then David fled from Naioth in Ramah, and came and said to Jonathan”

A. Whom would we seek out for help? What type of help would we get?

B. Who would seek us out? What type of help would they get?

C. Importance of loyalty

D. Not afraid of confrontation and being very open and direct with one another

IV. Willing to Do Anything for One Another — Even to the Point of Death (20:4-7)

“Whatever you say, I will do for you.”

Quite an open check invitation

V. Expects to be Cut a Break; Complete Honesty; No Hidden Agendas (:8-9)

“Therefore deal kindly with your servant”

Relationship bathed in love and forgiveness and expecting the best of each other

VI. Does Not Hesitate to Make and Keep Promises (:10-17)

– no rivalry, but desire to see God’s best worked out for each other;

– desire to see your friend vindicated and enemies put down;

– desire to reap some benefits from the friendship as well;

– sometimes promises need to be repeated and commitments reaffirmed;

– love must always be central (:17)

VII. Trusts the Judgment of One Another (:18-23)

– creative in devising a plan to meet the needs of the situation

– can keep a secret

– looks to the Lord for wisdom in evaluating and making judgments

VIII. Does Not Wilt Under Pressure or Turn Back (:24-31)

IX. Shares the Full Range of the Emotional Spectrum and Especially Grieves At the Necessity of Separation