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Looking at 2 paragraphs–instructions to wives (especially those with unbelieving husbands) and balancing instructions to husbands; equal responsibility but not equal time devoted to these 2 topics


A. Fundamental Responsibility is Submission

this is an attitude followed by appropriate behavior;

subordination is one of function (as wife, mother, helpmeet, hostess) not one of intrinsic worth;

these are divinely instituted human realms of authority

1. Submission means a certain type of silence — “without a word”

needs to offer valuable wisdom, input, counsel

assumes husband has been exposed to “the Word” — because in fact

they stand opposed to it (an active opposition of unbelief and disobedience); not preaching, harping, arguing, manipulating

2. Submission means behavior that is morally pure

pure from defilement; not contaminated

3. Submission means an attitude of respect — “in fear”

same choice as in 2:18

B. Focus Must Be On Godly Character Not Outward Beauty (1 Tim. 2:9)

There is to be “order” = a system where order prevails (opposite = chaos) — but what type of order? that which is fitting, not contrary to one’s Christian character and testimony– not trying to draw attention to self; not an exhibition of pride (Is. 3:17- 23), but a genuine effort to glorify God

Proper stewardship of time and money as well

1. Negatively — (:3) not overattention to conspicuous, extravagant, artificial adornment

a. braided hair — an elaborate gathering of the hair into knots

b. wearing of conspicuous amount of gold jewelry

cf. athletes weighed down with numerous gold chains

“putting around” = a lot of jewelry

c. fine outer apparel — like mink coats — designed not just for comfort and modesty and protection from the elements, but designed to make a statement and attract attention

2. Positively — “the hidden person of the heart” (:4)

glows with an inner beauty produced by the Holy Spirit

cf. how God is always described as clothed in light Ps. 104:2

cf. Transfiguration Matt. 17:2

a genuine expression of what’s inside

a. Meek spirit — the way she submits to her husband’s direction

like a horse (not an old nag) that can gently be reined in any direction (not talking about passivity or lack of personality or failure to express herself — talking about response once a decision has been made)

b. Quiet spirit — no sign of rebellion or resentment, fuss, or unrest — makes for a peaceful household

C. Fear Must Not Be Allowed to Undermine Commendable Conduct


A. It’s the Only Answer to Persecution

Remember the context: suffering for doing what is right — here in the context of a marriage where husband is unsaved

not just an oppty. to relieve the pressuure on yourself; but more importantly an oppty. to win your husband to the Lord

we should be more concerned about the spiritual destiny of those persecuting us than about the problems they are causing for us

B. It’s the Best Way to Glorify God

1. “a meek and quiet spirit ” — These are imperishable qualities

ties in with living for eternity

even gold perishes as Peter has mentioned 1:7,18

2. such submission is precious in the sight of God

that which you would pay the very most for in the market

3. Example of godly women throughout history — especially Sarah

such submission has pleased God throughout history

these were women who hoped in God — ties in with living for eternity