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C. THE LIVING STONE In Fulfillment of OT Prophecy Elevates The Privileges

and Worship of God’s People in the Church (2:4-10)

1. Those Who Value Christ as a Living Stone Enjoy the Privilege of Functioning as Living Stones in Worshipping God (:4-5)

a. God’s People Value Christ as the Living Stone (:4)

(1) Our Desire is to Constantly Draw Closer to Christ

(2) Significance of “Living Stone” — Combines Life and Permanence

(3) Two Different Estimations of the Value of Christ

(a) Judgment of Fallen Man

(b) Judgment of God

b. As Living Stones Comprising the Spiritual House of God, Exercise the Privilege of Your Holy Priesthood By Offering Up Appropriate Spiritual Sacrifices (:5)

(1) Our Identity as Living Stones

(2) The Church Transcends the Glory of the Jewish Temple

(3) Our Priesthood Transcends that of the OT Levitical Priests

(4) Our Sacrifices Transcend Those OT Animal Sacrifices

(5) All This is Possible Thru Jesus Christ–the Living Stone

2. The Fulfillment of OT Messianic Propphecies Regarding Christ as a Living Stone — In Relation to Believers and Unbelievers (:6-8)

a. The Value of Christ as a Living Stone for Believers

b. The Liability of Christ as a Living Stone for Unbelievers

3. Those Who Enjoy the Privileges of Being God’s People Should Proclaim His Excellencies (:9-10)