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B. Submission to Civil Authorities is the Only Answer to Persecution and the Best Way to Glorify God (2:13b-17)

1. Description of Such Conduct

a. Fundamental Responsibility is Submission

b. Danger to Avoid is the Misuse of Our Spiritual Freedom (:15)

c. The Special Honor We Give to Civil Authorities is Consistent With Our General Obligation to Honor All

(1) General Obligation to Honor All

(2) Specific Obligation to Love the Brotherhood

(3) Specific Obligation to Fear God

(4) Specific Obligation to Honor Civil Authorities in a Special Way

2. Reasons for Such Conduct

a. Ideally, Submission Should Be Pleasing to the Authorities (:14b)

b. Always, Submission Will Be Pleasing to God

c. Hopefully, Submission Will Be Preventing to our Slanderers and Protecting to Ourselves (:15b)